- Our Story -

From New York to North Carolina


In the early 1900's, two little girls came over from Italy and landed on Ellis Island.   Rose's family ended up in  Brooklyn, NY and Daisy went to Jersey City, NJ.   Rose and Daisy believed that food equated to love.  Major family discussions, announcement and events ended up in the kitchen over a bowl of pasta and a loaf of garlic bread followed by a delicious cannoli and a cup of espresso.  


Nearly 100 years , their legacy lives on within Gilda,  their granddaughter.  

Rose and Daisy - Italian Cuisine Made with Love is a family owned restaurant nestled in the  hills of Catawba, North Carolina.  Gilda has cherished the recipes passed down from her grandmothers and is now using them to dazzle her customers' tastebuds.  From Rose's gnocchis to Daisy's famous meatballs, the menu items are authentic Italian recipes.  We hope you enjoy your dining experience. 

* * * 

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